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  • Mini Pumps

    Azur Cyclone Dual Head Hand Pump Black


    Azur Cyclone Dual Head Mini Pump. This is a lightweight, simple hand pump that is suitable for both Schrader and Presta valves. It’s got an aluminium barrel which keeps the weight down to just 135 grams.

  • Mini Pumps

    Beto Mini Pump Dual Valve Black


    Beto basic dual head mini pump. Suits most bikes with low pressure tyres.

  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Airstik AnyValve Mini-Pump Pewter


    Compact and powerful, this dual-action frame mountable pump with the Anyvalve™ Pump Head helps you quickly pump up tyres without breaking a sweat. The magic is in the dual-action design which pumps air into your tyre on both push and pull strokes. The Airstik AnyValve mini-pump is a great choice for road riders of all types.

  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Mammoth Pump Anyvalve Black


    This mini-pump is specifically designed to push more air per stroke, saving energy that you might need for riding. The only problem with most mini pumps is that they are quite – er- mini in size which is great for stowing them away but not great when you actually need to put air in a tyre. The Mammoth’s larger pump body pushes more air per pump to make inflating quicker and easier for larger volume tyres.

  • Mini Pumps

    Giyo Mini Pump High Pressue Road 120psi Silver


    Alloy mini pump for inflating road bike tyres with Presta valve head.

  • Mini Pumps

    Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini Pump Medium Polished / Black


    Built from CNC-machined aluminum construction, the Pressure Drive is the quintessential hand pump. Lightweight yet durable, this pump is efficient and compact, offering an overlapping handle optimized for high-pressure applications (up to 120 PSI).

  • Mini Pumps

    Lezyne Sport Drive HP Mini Pump Small Black


    The Sport Drive HP is a compact pump with an overlapping handle designed for high-pressure tires. It features a machined-aluminum barrel and piston as well as a Composite Matrix handle and end caps. The pump comes equipped with our Presta/Schrader compatible ABS Flex Hose.

    Includes lightweight Composite Matrix frame mount.

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