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    Lezyne Aero Energy Caddy Top Tube Bag


    The Aero Energy Caddy is a sleek, toptube mounted aero bike bag ideal for triathletes and gravel racers.

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    Floor Pumps

    Lezyne CNC Digital Drive 3.5 Floor Pump Dual Valve 220psi Black


    The CNC Digital Drive is the ultimate, professional-grade floor pump. Built from full CNC-machined aluminum construction and hardware, it features a highly accurate digital gauge and an extra long, nylon-reinforced braided hose with aluminum couplers. ABS-1 Pro chuck equipped.

  • CO2 Inflators

    Lezyne Control Drive CO2 Inflator with 16g Cartridge


    A durable CO2 dispenser constructed from CNC-machined aluminum, the Control Drive CO2 features control valve operation for easy, controlled inflation and a Twin Slip Chuck head which presses onto both Presta and Schrader valves.

  • Pumps

    Lezyne Digital Check Drive Pressure Gauge


    A super-accurate (+/- 1.5%) digital pressure gauge perfect for checking tire pressure on the go, the Digital Check Drive utilizes a tough Composite Matrix construction to survive even the roughest rides in your pack or saddlebag. It’s designed around our low-profile Digital Strip Gauge, and its machined aluminum head features a flip-style chuck offering both Presta and Schrader valve compatibility while providing accurate readings up to 350 PSI.

  • Floor Pumps

    Lezyne Digital Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump Dual Valve


    Featuring a unique chambered design, the Digital Pressure Over Drive is ideal for seating even the most stubborn tubeless tires. The secondary chamber can be pumped up to pressure enabling a stainless steel foot-lever to release the compressed air in an immediate, continuous discharge, quickly and easily seating the tire bead.

  • Pumps

    Lezyne Digital Shock Drive Pump Suspension Pump 350psi


    For a shock pump that checks all the boxes, look no further than the Digital Shock Drive.

  • E-Bike Mount

    Lezyne E-Bike Micro Drive 500 Lumen Front Headlight


    A bright and efficient multi-purpose e-bike cycling light, the Micro Drive 500 features durable, heat-dissipating CNC-machined aluminum construction and two ultra-high-output LEDs delivering up to 500 lumens.

  • Bags

    Lezyne Energy Caddy V2 Top Tube Bag


    The Energy Caddy is a compact, toptube-mounted pouch ideal for gels and snacks.

  • Floor Pumps

    Lezyne Gravel Digital Drive Pro Floor Pump Dual Valve 100psi Black


    Designed specifically for gravel bikes and other mid-volume tires, the Gravel Digital Drive Pro is the ultimate floor pump for quickly and accurately inflating tires measuring 32c and larger. Built around a larger-diameter barrel than our CNC and Classic Floor Drive pumps, the Gravel Digital Drive Pro pushes more air per stroke for faster fill-ups while still offering easy pumping action.

  • Floor Pumps

    Lezyne Macro Drive Floor Pump Dual Valve 200psi


    High quality bicycle floor pump for high pressure applications.

  • Water Bottle Holders

    Lezyne Matrix Air Tag Bottle Cage


    Designed with a built-in, discreet holder for an Apple AirTag*, the Matrix Air Cage is a revamped take on our popular Matrix Team Cage.

  • Front Lights

    Lezyne Micro Drive Pro 800XL Lumen USB Front Headlight


    Improving daytime visibility is more important than ever. In our fast-paced world, with attention spans continuing to shorten, cutting through the chaos requires advanced technology. With 800-lumens of output under its belt, the Micro Drive Pro 800XL punches well above its weight class, packing some serious power for its size.

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    Tools & Maintenance

    Lezyne Multi Chain Pliers Tool


    The Multi Chain Pliers are a professional grade, versatile bike chain multi-tool engineered for a variety of road or trailside repairs.

  • Mini Pumps

    Lezyne Pressure Drive Mini Pump Medium Polished / Black


    Built from CNC-machined aluminum construction, the Pressure Drive is the quintessential hand pump. Lightweight yet durable, this pump is efficient and compact, offering an overlapping handle optimized for high-pressure applications (up to 120 PSI).

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    Lezyne Shock Drive CNC Suspension Shock Pump 400psi


    The Shock Drive is a lightweight, shop-quality shock pump built from full CNC-machined aluminum construction for maximum quality and durability.

  • Mini Pumps

    Lezyne Sport Drive HP Mini Pump Small Black


    The Sport Drive HP is a compact pump with an overlapping handle designed for high-pressure tires. It features a machined-aluminum barrel and piston as well as a Composite Matrix handle and end caps. The pump comes equipped with our Presta/Schrader compatible ABS Flex Hose.

    Includes lightweight Composite Matrix frame mount.

  • Tools & Maintenance

    Lezyne Tool Insert Kit Medium


    An ingenious concealed multi-tool, the Tool Insert Kit securely inserts into a wide variety of handlebar openings. Easily accessible for quick repairs, it comes in three sizes: Small Kit (5 tool bits), Medium (8 tool bits), and Large (11 tool bits). Each kit is constructed from durable machined aluminum and features premium hardened-steel bits. This is a Medium kit.

  • CO2 Inflators

    Lezyne Tubeless CO2 Blaster Inflator with 2x 20g Cartridge & Mount Strap


    This innovative 2-in-1 cycling CO2 dispenser and tubeless tire repair kit simultaneously inflates and seals tubeless tires. It’s built from machined aluminum construction, which is both lightweight and highly durable. A hardened steel reamer scours the hole, inserts the plug, and inflates the tire for an efficient and rapid repair. A CNC-machined twist knob manually controls release of CO2 gas.

  • CO2 Inflators

    Lezyne Twin Kit CO2 Tyre Repair w/ Levers & 2x 16g Cartridge & Mount Strap


    Compact, all-in-one CO2 and bicycle tire repair kit. Includes Twin Speed Drive, two 16g threaded CO2 cartridges, and a Lever Kit. Custom neoprene and velcro strap secures all items together. Kit easily fits in most packs and jersey pockets or can be attached to bike seatposts.

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