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    Azur Fusion 400 Lumen USB Bike Headlight


    The Azur Fusion 400 Lumen headlight with USB charging is perfect riding around the streets of Melbourne at night. It features an aluminum body and with a low battery indicator so don’t leave home with a flat light. It has both a flashing mode which is great for safety in being seen and a steady mode for night time vision. This light also does not require a USB cable and can plug straight into your USB charger.

  • Front Lights

    Azur Titan 3000 Lumen Battery Front Light


    For those night-time adventures on the trail where moonlight is the only source illuminating the trail ahead, a high-powered head light is a must-have. The Titan is a beast. 3000 lumens of light shine from this high-powered battery operated unit, making it one of the brightest lights available.

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Headlight Ampp 1100 USB Rechargeable


    AMPP 1100 uses a twin-LED design with OptiCube™ lens technology, spreading a wide and even beam across whatever the terrain throws at you. Only 200g for 1100 Lumens of output!

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Headlight Ampp 400 Lumen USB Rechargeable


    Brighter lights for shorter days. Carry on your adventure into the dimming light. The CatEye AMPP400, as the name suggests, is a 400 lumen rechargeable front light. It has maximum side visibility and is securely held in place with CatEye’s adjustable FlexTight™ bracket which also enables the light to be removed easily for other uses or recharging. The light has 4 modes to suit all requirements and has a low battery indicator which illuminates red when 20% battery life is left.

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Light Ampp 200 USB Rechargeable


    Excellent choice for everyday use. 200 lumen USB rechargeable light with excellent side visibility. A versatile rubber strap allows for quick and easy attachment/removal from the handlebar.

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Light Ampp 500 USB Rechargeable


    Robust, compact and powerful, see and be seen. Safety first, the AMPP500 comes with maximum side visibility, securely held in place with our adjustable FlexTight™ bracket.

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Light Ampp 800 USB Rechargeable


    Low battery is no longer an excuse. The AMPP800 Headlight from Cateye is a high powered headlight with a compact and durable body and features a three level battery indicator, long run times and plenty of solid and flash modes to suit every occasion.

  • Front Lights

    Cateye Front Light GoPro Mount Adaptor


    Mount your CatEye front light with Cateye slide-in mount to any GoPro-style three prong mount with this bracket. Ideal for mounting your light to helmets, GPS computer “out front” mounts and other accessories that share the GoPro mount.

  • Front Lights

    Halo 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Front Light


    The Halo 1200 Lumen light combines a compact and lightweight, high power headlight with a high visibility ring light that offers flashing and steady modes when you don’t need full power.

  • Front Lights

    Lezyne Micro Drive Pro 800XL Lumen USB Front Headlight


    Improving daytime visibility is more important than ever. In our fast-paced world, with attention spans continuing to shorten, cutting through the chaos requires advanced technology. With 800-lumens of output under its belt, the Micro Drive Pro 800XL punches well above its weight class, packing some serious power for its size.

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