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  • Floor Pumps

    Blackburn Chamber Tubeless Floor Pump Bronze


    Need a pump for your tubeless tyres.

    And you thought you’d never get big air… If you’re a tubeless tyre convert, you’ll wonder how you lived without this pump. Just pressurize the chamber and with a simple flip of the burly switch, all that air floods the tyre, giving it no option but to seal and air up. Once the tyre’s in place, flip the switch back to bypass the chamber and you can top it up accurately with the giant gauge.

  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Mountain Pump Mini Anyvalve Black


    For those that are hunting for a straightforward pump that offers the basics like bike mount, high volume and a solid aluminium construction with the ability to adapt to any valve then the Blackburn AnyValve Mountain Mini Pump is the way to go. It is a top quality pump for the price. Unlike other low price pumps, this will fit straight onto any vavle without the need to change over the internals. Just lock and pump.

  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Airstik AnyValve Mini-Pump Pewter


    Compact and powerful, this dual-action frame mountable pump with the Anyvalve™ Pump Head helps you quickly pump up tyres without breaking a sweat. The magic is in the dual-action design which pumps air into your tyre on both push and pull strokes. The Airstik AnyValve mini-pump is a great choice for road riders of all types.

  • Rear Lights

    Blackburn Click USB 20 Lumens Rear Light


    The motto for the Blackburn Click is, “charge, click, go”! It really is that simple. USB rechargeable, flash and constant settings, 20 lumens of red light; it’s never been so simple to stay safe on the road. A silicone mount means it can be attached almost anywhere. LED indicator light allows you to see when you need to recharge. Go for it, get out there!

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