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  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Airstik AnyValve Mini-Pump Pewter


    Compact and powerful, this dual-action frame mountable pump with the Anyvalve™ Pump Head helps you quickly pump up tyres without breaking a sweat. The magic is in the dual-action design which pumps air into your tyre on both push and pull strokes. The Airstik AnyValve mini-pump is a great choice for road riders of all types.

  • Mirrors

    Blackburn Bicycle Helmet Mirror


    Small, light, and fully adjustable.

  • Mirrors

    Blackburn Bicycle Multi Mirror


    Lightweight and durable.

  • Water Bottle Holders

    Blackburn Comp Water Bottle Cage – Black


    Once upon a time the Comp Cage was known as the BC-1 cage, as it was designed for “Competition.”

    Over the years it’s been often imitated, never duplicated.

  • Mini Pumps

    Blackburn Mammoth Pump Anyvalve Black


    This mini-pump is specifically designed to push more air per stroke, saving energy that you might need for riding. The only problem with most mini pumps is that they are quite – er- mini in size which is great for stowing them away but not great when you actually need to put air in a tyre. The Mammoth’s larger pump body pushes more air per pump to make inflating quicker and easier for larger volume tyres.

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    Tools & Maintenance

    Blackburn Plugger Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


    Those guys who said ‘Tubeless tires never get punctures’? They lied. A quick, one-shot tire-plugging system for tubeless tires. Deploys in seconds to give a permanent fix for your flat.

  • CO2 Inflators

    Blackburn Pro Plugger & CO2 Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


    Take greatness, add more = more greatness.

  • Tools & Maintenance

    Blackburn Tradesman 18 Function Multi-Tool Key Set


    A fully loaded modern tool with all the hex and Torx keys you’re ever going to need in a portable tool, with the addition of a disc pad spreader and a tool that’ll remove the stubbornest split links. Ideal for mountain bikes, gravel and long distance adventures.

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