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Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Combo Front Mounted MTB Child Bike Seat


The Shotgun Pro Combo is the ultimate setup for your mountain bike kid. Lightning fast to attach and remove, zero frame contact and adjustable to fit electric & regular mountain bikes. With the Pro handlebars included, your little one is going to love hitting the trails riding up front.

This product does not include a bike – pictures are for illustration only – obviously.

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Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Combo Front Mounted MTB Child Bike Seat


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Designed for children 18 months – 5 years (up to 60lb / 27kg)
Zero frame contact
Lightning fast to fit, remove and swap between bikes. Folds flat for storage
Fully adjustable to fit all electric and regular mountain bikes
Fully adjustable leg length to grow with your child
Fits all mountain bikes with standard 1 1⁄8 steerers (10mm stem clearance required – See Product Photo’s for details). Adaptors for use with Trek Knock Block and Scott Syncros headsets sold separately.
Shotgun mudguard included.

E-MTB Compatible
With adjustable leg width, the Shotgun Pro is suitable for use on electric bikes with wide down tubes.

Handlebars included
The Shotgun Pro handlebars are the ultimate up-front experience for your mini mountain biker. With lightning fast quick release fitting, and our custom 19mm grips – the pro bars are the perfect partner for your Shotgun Pro seat.

If you’re looking to take your little one riding, the first step is to decide whether you’d like them sitting in front or behind you – and as you can tell, we think front is best for the reasons below.

Front Mounted Seat
✅ Active participation, learning to ride
✅ Centered weight distribution on bike
✅ Suitable for full suspension bikes
✅ Visibility of what’s ahead
✅ Ability to interact / talk with child

If you’re keen for your child to ride up front, there are a few options to choose from. The following table shows what makes our shotgun seats unique:

Shotgun Options
✅ Fully adjustable saddle
✅ Quick release for fast fitting / removal
✅ Adjustable width to suit all mountain bikes
✅ Adjustable angle for flat or sloping top tubes

Use the below table & video to help you decide if the Shotgun seat, or the Shotgun Pro seat, is the right one for you:

Shotgun seat
Suitable for kids 2-5 years (48lb / 22kg)
Not suitable for E-bikes
Frame mounted
No bike modification required
Quick fitting and removal
Fixed leg length

Shotgun Pro seat
Suitable for kids 2-5 years (60lb / 27kg)
E-bike compatible
Zero frame contact
Stem spacer fitting required
Lightning fast fitting and removal
Adjustable leg length


Size guide: Is your toddler ready for a front mounted child seat?

Whether you’re considering the Shotgun, Shotgun 2.0 or the Shotgun Pro seat, the below information is designed to help you know if your child is ready to ride up front on your mountain bike with you.

Is my child old enough to use a shotgun seat?

The Shotgun seat is designed for kids 2 years and up, whilst the Shotgun 2.0 & Pro seats are designed for kids 18 months and older – this difference is due to the seats’ footpeg positions, and a child’s minimum inseam required to reach the footpegs in order to ride safely.

Beyond your child’s size, there are a few developmental milestones to check they have ticked off before you hit the trails. Every child is different, and you know your little one best, but as a general guide the following signs are a good indication that your little person is ready to ride shotgun.

– They can sit unaided
– They can follow basic instructions
– They can stay awake (for the length of your bike ride)

When will my child outgrow the shotgun seat?

The Shotgun seat has a maximum weight limit of 22kg/48lb, whilst the Shotgun 2.0 and Pro seats have maximum weight limits of 27kg/60lb. Which for most kids, will see them safely riding shotgun until 5 or 6 years – or until they are more interested in riding their own bike instead, which is a great result.

Can I adjust the height of the foot-pegs, or extend the legs of the shotgun seats? 

Each of our shotgun seats provide different levels of adjustability to grow with your child.

– The Shotgun seat has a fixed leg length and foot peg height.
– The Shotgun 2.0 seat has a fixed leg length but 2 foot peg height options.
– The Shotgun Pro seat has extendable legs with 7 different foot peg height options.

Note: On all three seats you can rotate the legs forward or back to suit your rider.

Is my child too tall to use a shotgun seat?

Our shotgun seats do not have a maximum height limit, but if your child is 4 or 5 years old, and is very tall for their age, and you the parent are fairly short – you may struggle to see over your child’s helmet whilst riding.

Will the Shotgun Pro seat fit my bike? The Shotgun Pro seat fits all modern mountain bikes with a standard 1 1/8 inch steerer, including electric mountain bikes. Before purchasing, check your local laws regarding the use of child seats and e-bikes. Fitting requires 10mm of clearance under the stem. Bikes with stems shorter than 50mm in length may require additional clearance under the stem, the minimum clearance required is indicated in the diagram below. The Shotgun Pro includes two spacers, for use on two bikes. Installing the Shotgun Pro spacer replaces 10mm of standard steerer spacers on your bike. Please note that adaptors for use with Trek Knock Block and Scott Syncros headsets are sold separately. The Shotgun Pro is not compatible with bikes that have a quill stem. The Shotgun Pro seat is suitable for dropper posts and all common seat post sizes, including 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm and 34.9mm. Fitting requires 14mm of available seat post space.

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