Why Spring is a good time for a Bicycle Service

Why Spring is a good time for a Bicycle Service

Spring is a great time to book in for a bicycle service. It’s been a long, cold and wet winter and, if you’re like most people, your bike has probably been a little neglected. Well, as the weather is now improving, you’ll no doubt be feeling the urge to get out and riding your bike again. You might be thinking of simply pulling it out of the shed, dusting it off and heading out but, read on to find out why you should get a service first.


Probably most of the damage caused to your bike during the colder, winter months is due to moisture. A lot of times, customers bring their bikes in with rusty chains and explain their bikes have been kept under the eaves, on the veranda or under the carport. While this is great for keeping the rain off, it seems ineffective against moisture in the air. 6 months of this can cause quite a bit of damage to a bike. You’ll see brake and gear cables start to corrode and rust will start to form on many parts like axle nuts, head stem bolts, any chrome and of course, the chain.

Parts Dry Out

Right, so we spoke about moisture so you’d assume things drying out wouldn’t be an issue but, unfortunately, not the case. When not used, rubber naturally dries out and will perish. Same goes for your brakes pads. On top of that, any lube that hasn’t been washed away from the rain, moisture or normal use before the weather turned, has probably all dried up while sitting dormant for the last few months. Dry, sticky cables won’t let you shift gears smoothly and could cause premature wear to your chain just like they may cause brakes to lock on and wear unevenly or worse, cause you harm.

Forgotten reasons

Sometimes we put our bikes aside because something happened and we’ll ‘fix it later’. A busted spoke, a flat tyre, gears not changing, brakes squealing. There’s plenty of reasons we put our bikes aside and into the “do it later” pile.

Knocks, bumps and dust

Like a lot of us, we keep our bikes in the garage or shed and they share the space with all manner of other household items. Sometimes, while trying to reach in and grab that foldable table because your extended family has come over and you need to seat more people than your 4 seat dining set will allow, something falls and clangs against the rear derailleur that, already covered in dust, is now desperately begging for attention.

Skip to here if you just wanna know why now is the time!

Jokes and long-winded answers aside, the weather is starting to improve and bicycle workshops get busy. A bicycle service will ensure all your moving parts are clean, lubricated and moving as they are meant to and will give you confidence that the parts that are not meant to move, don’t.

Book Now and ensure your bike is ready for action when you want to head out.


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