Why is your seat so high? Finding the right size bicycle.

We hear so many people say, “this bike is too big” when in fact, it is too small! So, what is the right size bicycle?

Bikes come in all sizes so how do we know what is the right size bike? There’s a few factors to look at.

  • How tall you are. 

    This is almost an obvious one; the taller you are, the bigger the bike.

  • Your body proportions. 

    Ok, so you might be 170cm but you’re all legs! So you’re gonna want a small to medium frame size but you’ll probably have the seat up high. This is so the handle bar isn’t too far to reach and control is still manageable.

  • Confidence.

    Confidence is a big one and ultimately, the reason I’m writing this article. I have many people, both men and women, in store looking at new bikes hopping on bikes that are too small. Why? Because they want to have both feet flat on the floor. Their confidence isn’t high and they want to know they can get on and off their new bike with ease and comfort.

    There’s nothing wrong with that, but…

    What this means is you’re gonna find it hard to ride a longer distance. Riding up hills will be tougher than it needs to be and you’ll even find the seat more uncomfortable. Getting a proper leg extension when cycling is paramount to enjoying the ride. I’m not necessarily talking about winning that big french bike race, I’m talking about making each pedal stroke work for you. If you’ve purchased the right bike size, your seat is at the right height and you’ve had our help ensuring maximum comfort and/or power, cycling will be 100% more enjoyable.

  • When is it fine to have my feet flat on the floor?

    There are, of course, a few exceptions to the rule. I mean, I don’t really like to be contained by rules so I’m not about to enforce them on you. If you’re really not sure about cycling, maintaining your balance or starting and stopping, keep your seat lower to the ground. Build your confidence first, then slowly raise your seat height. Try to make sure you’ve purchased a bike that will enable growth along with your confidence.
    Also, if you’ve spoken to me about kids bikes, you’ll know I’m a big fan of small bikes for kids who are still learning. That’s a whole other article though.

  • Get in store and find out more, today!

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